Summer 2019

LSA 221: Speech Perception (with Patrice S. Beddor)

( time & loc: M/Th 1:05pm 261 Olson)

Experimental speech perception, which spans a period of more than 70 years, investigates how listeners interpret the input acoustic signal as linguistic forms. From the discipline's earliest years, researchers recognized that the acoustic signal is highly variable and that perceptual processing is more complex (and interesting!) than a simple one-to-one mapping between acoustic property and linguistic percept. Yet, despite this complexity, humans are highly accurate perceivers of the intended speech in typical conversational interactions.

Fall 2018

Lin 500: Phonetics

( time & loc: TBA)

Humans have the uncanny ability to convert thoughts into vibrating air molecules, perceive minute patterns of vibration happening around their heads, and translate those vibrations back into thoughts! Nothing any science fiction author could ever write about mind reading could be as amazing, intricate, or subtle as speech. This course introduces students to the study of speech production and perception and the nature of the acoustic signal that is transmitted from speaker to listener.

Reserch Methods in Linguistics

( time & loc: TBA)

This course introduces MA students to a range of research methods including: statistical analysis, computational modeling, field work and experimental techniques.

Previous Courses

Introduction to Linguistics: Rice University, Fall 2011; University of Michigan, Spring 2008
Phonetics: Rice University, Fall 2011 & 2012
Phonology: Rice University, Spring 2012 & Spring 2013
Advanced Phonology: Rice University, Fall 2012
Praat scripting: LSA Annual Meeting Pre-Workshops, January 2015; Stanford University, Summer 2014; LSA Summer Institute, Summer 2013
Computational Linguistics: Rice University, Spring 2013
Hearing & Speech Perception, Graduate Seminar: Rice University, Spring 2012
College Writing: University of Michigan, Fall 2008